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Dec 21, 2013:
From our new location, Happy holidays to all! With the New Year comes new resolutions, and what better resolution then to focus on our health and overall wellness. Join me on the matt at our new location on 138 Main St., north of Kingston Rd. and discover the benefits of Yoga in our lives.

Sep 12, 2013:
With the Summer over, I wanted to express my gratitude for each of you supporting the practice. I look forward to seeing you in fall sessions and together, put into practice new knowledge aquired ovber the summer. New workshops and expanded exercises will be added soon. Welcome Autumn!

Jun 11, 2013:
All the possibilities of your human potential begin here, on the mat. The unrecognized potential of your being awakensand blooms. Welcome Summer!

Jan 29, 2013:
Winter is here with all the fun activities that come with it. I hope everyone is enjoying all that the city has to offer and taking advantage of all the exciting events this time of year. As always, see you in class ...

September 9, 2012:
The summer has been busy and filled with surprises and excitement. With all that starting to fade behind me, I finally had time to sit down and work out my fall schedule (finally!). Please sign up for your preferred fall classes as they may fill up fast. I hope to see you all soon "on the mats".

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July 2, 2012:
Good news - the summer schedule is now posted. Amongst the summer classes, we now also offer Pilates classes with Barb Michaels. I'm excited to work with Barb at the Studio and look forward to see you all over the summer months. As always, Yoga is one of many great ways to help keep your body and mind young and healthy. See you soon and have a great summer.

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Beyond the obvious physical benefits, yoga offers advantages with mental focus, better stress management, and elevated sense of calmness. I encourage you to read further about the additional benefits that come with a healthy yoga practice.


We now offer dedicated workshops focused on specific areas of attention. Please see our full class schedule for:

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BulletKelly Glynn

General Background

Rich and diverse, vast and profound best describe Kelly's training, expertise and experience. Studying both Physical & Health Education and Drama at the University of Toronto, Kelly acquired both an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and a comprehensive understanding of the kinship between body, mind, emotion and spirit. Kelly extended her knowledge and furthered her education by becoming certified in a number of holistic therapies, including Reflexology (Laura Norman and Associates, 1987), Polarity Therapy (OPTA, 1995), and Reiki (Usui Reiki Master, 1997).

Kelly achieved her 500-hour Yoga certification in 1999 through her studies with Esther Myers Yoga Studio and Satyaram Yoga. As a life-long learner, she continues to study, re-learn and reflect upon her teaching and practice of yoga.

Post Certification

Since her certification, Kelly has grown into a consummate Yoga instructor, honing her ability to assess each student individually and respond to the unique needs of her students. Her teaching is founded on honesty, accuracy, sensitivity and humour. As a result of her vast training and experience, and of her genuine caring, Kelly draws from a variety of sources and approaches in order to arrive at the best yoga programme for each of her students, in each of her classes. As one student expressed, "A Yoga class with Kelly is a Yoga class like no other, and each of her classes is unlike any other she has previously taught."

Continuing Education

Ever growing, Kelly's most recent project embraces the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Yoga and Meditation techniques. Kelly's work with Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy is based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn (2012) and Mindfulness and Adolescents (2012).


For Kelly, the teaching and practice of Yoga requires only a willingness to remain present with each individual that enters her space, and to remember that the journey begins in the moment we honour ourselves as we take each step along the path - wherever it leads us.